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    Wayne's  Vines' Visions now 'Vines Visions Enterprises' has been around for several decades, encompassing woodworking, photography, poetry, business cards & logo designs.

    I, Wayne D. Vines was born and raised in Chicago. I was actually born at home in the area of Chicago known as 'Maxwell street'. That area was alive with exciting sights, sounds, and smells. The energetic sounds of people bargaining, eating, and having fun. Music filled the air for blocks. The sounds of electricity popping from the wires powering the buses. All of these were a sight to behold, the smell, oh man! The smell of an original maxwell polish, it is a smell and taste that many today have tried to emulate.

     I began drawing quite well at the age of 4, pursued many art courses during grammar, high school, and college. During my 20's I developed a love for poetry & photography. I have written many poems encompassing Love, Life, and man's relationship with God. I am still periodically inspired to put pen to paper and let my thoughts flow.

           [-Nominated Poet of the Year for 1999  through the International Library of Poetry ]

           [-2 poems listed with the Library of Congress under Outstanding Poets of 1998 & 1999]


    My professional photography career spanned 16 years. I still enjoy taking photos of people & nature and creating camera magic on the computer.

                                  [-Worked for Peter Pan Studios ]

                                  [-Photojournalist in the military ]

                                  [-Wedding & Publicity photos ]

                                  [-Designed Music CD covers]


     Also during high school I deeply enjoyed woodshop, to the point that I desired

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