Elder Wendell- IL:  Thank you Wayne of Vines Visions Enterprises for your willingness to allow the Lord to use your talents to His glory.  When our Church pastors requested that the worn and tattered appearance of an old wooden podium be improved, the very first person that was brought to mind was Wayne D. Vines at Vines Visions Enterprises. I knew that Wayne specializes in creating original and unique custom wood crafted designs, yet I asked him if he would consider a refurbishing project. After viewing the podium and understanding the proposed vision for the final product, and with prayerful consideration Wayne agreed to undertake the project. "Pleasing to the Lord," is my understanding of Wayne's motivation and inspiration.  This project took on special significance to him, as the results of his labor would appear before those assembled to hear God's Word. The Pastors are very pleased with the results. The new look of the podium is remarkable and demonstrates Wayne's artistic and skilled craftsmanship abilities. The podium has received numerous compliments. Meticulous care, attention to detail, and the desire for quality went into creating the very pleasing final product. The results are credited to Wayne's gifted craftsmanship and passion for excellence. Wayne, a truly heartfelt expression of gratitude is extended for your exceptional workmanship. God bless you abundantly and may you continue to imagine, design and create inspiring and unique works of art for the world to see.

Very Sincerely,

Hazel Crest Community Church of God  -July 2015

R. Freeman- IL:  The Beauty of it All: Not only did you create a work of art to hang on the wall, you designed my art-piece to reflect who I really am.  It was amazing how you actually came over to hang my artwork once you were done and for that I am grateful. My artwork is one of a kind.

Thank you Wayne for your vision.   - June 2015

Dr. K.C. Greer -NC :   I personally own four WONDERFULLY crafted works of art from artist Wayne Vines, creator of Vines Visions Enterprises. Each piece of art work is uniquely designed and is absolutely eye catching! Every friend, neighbor, or client that has ever seen one of the pieces in my home or office has always been drawn to these works of art. The conversations that ignite about the pieces remind me of being at an art viewing in a museum. Each person that views one of Wayne Vines' creations can come away with a different but personally meaningful interpretation. That's the beauty of his designs. The pieces that I have in my personal collection, primarily come from his early signature clock designs....or as the artist himself says it the creations are "art with a clock in them". But he has done SO much more since that time.

I have also had the pleasure to hear some of his poetry, view his requested art designs, and attend a couple of weddings and other celebratory occasions where his 'Wishing Wells' and other gift/money holding artwork have been used. He has also shared some of his personal very imaginative and thought provoking art collection that leaves you feeling that you have just had a spiritual encounter while solving a mind boggling puzzle. All I can say is if you haven't had the pleasure of viewing his artwork you are missing out on an incredilbe experience. And if you don't own at least one of his pieces, you are surely missing out  on possessing a handcrafted representation of the personal vision of an art Genius. Thank you Wayne...for finally developing this website and sharing your 30+years of imaginative and God-led visions with the rest of the world. So...get the hundreds of undeveloped art creations out of the shoe boxes and bless the world with many more wonderful designs. I can't wait to add to my collection.

One of your greatest supporters,

Dr. Kimberly Greer                                                                                                                -Oct.2013

Marlana J. -AL :   I recieved a custom made clock from Vines Visions Enterprises, this creation from expert craftsman Wayne D. Vines is the most extraordinary piece I've recieved.  I feel like this exceptionally beautiful piece of art captures my style, my personality, and my eccentricity perfectly. The bold colors and geometric shapes of the woodwork totally exceeded any expectations I had envisioned for the clock. I treasure this true Vines Vision.   -Oct.2013

LaTrece S. -IL :   My favorite Vines Visions piece is my Grandfather clock/CD holder. It's so cool & unique. It's cherry wood and stands about 6ft. tall.  The face of the clock is an actual CD with actual working hands. Underneath the face or head of the clock is a secret compartment long enough to hold about 75 CD cases. Its a really cool piece of art & furniture rolled into one. The best part is I think I'm the only one with one.  I think.  :-)    -Oct.2013

J.L. Lyons -GA :   I have one of the 'Jesus and Me' pieces. It's a beautiful carving of two hands holding one another. One of the hands is representative of Jesus and it has a small hole that shows where the nail was in his hand. I love the creativity that Wayne puts into his art. Everyone who visits my home and sees the Jesus and Me piece for the first time always has to study it for a while before they are able to figure out that it's Jesus holding your hand. Many of his pieces are like that; fun, very creative and thought-provoking. You can tell that he spends a lot of time designing and creating each idea and then turning them into beautiful masterpieces. I don't know much about wood but I've had my piece for a long time and it looks as new as the day I got it. This handcrafted piece is a wonderful addition to my home. I don't have any other pieces by Wayne yet, but I look forward to being able to add more of his unique art to my collection.   -Oct.2013

 H.R. Williams -IL :   The clock you made me is beautiful and one of a kind. I get compliments on it when people come over and they always ask me where I got it. You are very talented and I wish you all the success in the world.   -Oct.2013

M. Veal- IL:    I purchased the 2-piece 'Jesus is Lord' and 'Friendship & Love'  both pieces have proven to be thought provoking and are the center pieces of the rooms in which they are hung !!!!   -Oct.2013

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